New England Bed and Breakfast Inns

Traveling and staying at Bed and Breakfast Inns, is by far the best way to go for the traveler. You get real personal service, and local information about the town, that you just cannot find anywhere else. Some of the best Bed and Breakfast Inns are in the Northeast New England region. New Hampshire is known for its Bed and Breakfast Inns and many people go up to New Hampshire and stay in these wonderful old houses and then set out on a trek to shop for antiques. If you have never done this, you really need to go.

One thing you must be aware of is during some seasons the places are packed with waiting lists and pre-paying is a very common occurrence, as many of the Bed and Breakfast Inns are booked nearly all year around, and a booked Inn is a very good indication of it’s great hospitality and excellent home style service.

Some of the Bed and Breakfast Inns are very pricy, and some not so pricy, many say you get what you pay for, although, I have noted in my travel journals that it is not always price that makes the difference, it is the people who run the place that make or break your experience. These is just something about pulling into a small quaint town of 2500 or less people and staying at a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and then strolling down to the local coffee shop to here from old timer’s about the history, museums and happenings in the town, it is real Hometown Americana and it is worth the journey.

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